About us

We at The Construction Group believe that any relationship needs a solid foundation to sail through the rough terrain of life. And so brick-by-brick cemented with love, care & integrity we are building home for 32 years now. Apart from construction of high standards, we endlessly strive to add value by building affordable spaces for people.

The Construction Group constantly tries to strengthen its relation with its customers to make an easy, affordable yet modern lifestyle. The trust of the customer has been an essential factor which has propelled the company to phenomenal heights of constant growth and development with 160 successful residential and commercial project we have learned that our unique feature of success has been our respect for the deadlines. Meeting these deadlines has not hindered us in delivering the quality that our customers expect from us. We ensure that the design, material and workmanship are of the highest order with customer-centric locations offering convenience and easy accessibility.

The Construction Group constantly reaffirms its commitment to the highest standards of excellence. We continuously strive to offer our best in turning dream houses into happy realities.


We believe quality is an ongoing process, an endeavour that focuses on customer satisfaction. We will strive to for a continuous effort to maintain and improve our quality commitment at all times. Industrial and commercial construction projects are by their very nature expensive, lengthy projects that will not happen overnight. However, far from expecting regular delays and excessive spending, it is crucial for the construction company overseeing the project to make all efforts to proactively control the timeline and spending. This makes selecting the construction company that will be handling the project extremely important.

  • The Construction Group has a written passionate vision that is prominently displayed for all of our customers and employees to see.
  • The Construction Group has written targets and goals for the overall operations, each department and every project. These goals are tracked every month so adjustments can be made quickly.
  • The Construction Group has a structured organizational chart clearly describing the accountabilities and responsibilities for each position in the company. Every employee knows exactly what they're responsible for and is fully accountable to make it happen.